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Sign Up Now to Join the League of Successful Engineers Worldwide

AAA Certification for Engineering Professionals

AAA recognizes the need of engineers and other technical professionals to develop and validate their skills in technical management as they progress through their careers. To meet such needs of engineers, AAA has created various professional certifications especially for engineers such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, computer engineers, electrical engineers etc.


Upto date AAA has certified over 6,000 engineering professionals. This certification proves as recognition for the individuals as a leader in the practice of their specialized field of engineering. AAA Certification is an advanced qualification beyond licensure recognized by clients, employers, peers, and the public. AAA Certification demonstrates attainment of a body of knowledge within a specialty area of engineering and commitment to stay current on new technological innovations.

What will you get Upon AAA Certification for Engineers?

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AAA's Certification Seal & Certificate

Our seal and certificate is a proof of your Certification from AAA. It also endorses your professional practices and gives you the edge that would distinguish you amongst other engineers.

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Dedicated Web-Page and Business Card

You will be given a dedicated web-page on AAA. You can use this web-page as a tool to represent yourself to recruiters around the world. Additionally, our business card will also act as a tool to market yourself in the business arena.

Benefits of AAA Engineering Professional Certification

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Forwarded resume to 1000+ multinationals globally

Your Resume will be made available to 100s of recruiters including top engineering firms around the world (till date more than 6000 engineers have earned their jobs through us)

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Free Lifetime Cover Letter & Resume Writing Services

AAA Certification for Engineers will open doors to many job opportunities for you globally. Your resume will have an edge over others and will prove to be a ticket to your dream job.

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Your Credentials will be Recognized by employers worldwide

Once you become an AAA certified engineer your credentials and accolades will be recognized by employers worldwide

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Global Professional Recognition

AAA's Certification assures that the engineering individual's credentials are satisfactory. It will give you the opportunity to collaborate with other higher quality peers of advanced and professional credentials.

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